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Marketing agencier conversion optimization

Why do marketing agencies not deliver business results?

Many companies turn to a marketing agency or a webdesigner to develop their new website.  It often appears that they prioritize a high artistic level over function and business results.

I have often seen large new websites – developed by well-known companies with large budgets – which is a total disaster in terms of generating leads and nurturing them towards the purchase.

Often, websites are passive brochureware, instead of the active marketing machinery they can and should be. The saddest thing of all is that it is so easy to do it right and let the website generate many new leads.

Therefore, I recorded a short video where I give some tips on how a website can deliver business results (eg in the form of more leads) , and not just be a good looking passive digital brochure!

You can watch the movie here:

Magnus Unemyr

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