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Magnus Unemyr

Speech at ”AI for Marketing Summit” in Stockholm

Yesterday, I had the honor of making a speech on artificial intelligence in marketing at the ”AI for marketing summit” in Stockholm.

The event was planned to perfection by Wednesday Relations, and attracted some 150 attendees that got to listen to many visionary and interesting speeches on how artificial intelligence will affect marketing onwards.

In addition to my own speech, the following presentations were made:

  • AI-Powered Marketing: What does marketing look like in the Cognitive Era (Karsten Stokking, Nordic Marketing Leader, Watson Customer Engagement på IBM)
  • Frigör möjligheterna och stå beredd för utmaningarna i den nya AI eran (Anna Felländer, Senior Advisor and Affiliated Faculty KTH)
  • Using AI and Machine Learning to improve the design and delivery of digital experiences (Johan Lopes Helgesson, Digital Strategist, Adobe)
  • Du är det du läser (Ola Gustafsson, Data scientist, Bonnier News)
  • Automated Personalisation Story: DR Koncerthuset (Anne Buchwald & Kim Gregersen, CRM manager, DR Konserthuset & Solution Architect at One Marketing)
  • Är din kommunikationsplattform redo för AI? (Andreas Markewärn, CEO, Next State Labs)
  • How Natural Language Processing (NLP) will Revolutionize Marketing and Communication (SK Reddy, Chief Product Officer AI & ML, Digitalist)
  • Praktiska exempel på hur AI kan användas på marknadsavdelningen(mitt eget föredrag)
  • Så gör KIT rätt innehåll, för rätt person, vid rätt tillfälle (Jonna Ekman, Marknadschef, KIT)
  • En robot kan aldrig bli intelligent! (Ashkan Fardost, Forskare, Föreläsare & Rådgivare)

In my presentation, I gave multiple examples on how both small and large companies can start to use readymade AI-powered software products, to improve their marketing.

I also touched upon why a company might want to develop their own in-house AI software, and how to do that.

I strongly recommend visiting “AI for marketing summit” in Stockholm next year!



Magnus Unemyr

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