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Use AI to Protect Your Brand With Smart Moderation

It has become increasingly difficult to protect your brand from trolls, spammers and abusive language across different channels. Luckily, there are now AI-based tools that helps protect your brand with smart moderation technologies.

In this blog post, I interview Ciler Ay; the co-founder and CEO of Smart Moderation, an artificial intelligence software platform that allows businesses of all sizes to avoid negative sentiments, undesirable situations and any risks that may damage the prestige brands build in the online world. Today Smart Moderation moderates millions of user-generated comments every day.

Prior to Smart Moderation, Ciler held a variety of senior positions in strategic marketing management in FMCG, Energy and Insurance sectors. Ciler has led a distinguished career as a marketer, entrepreneur, and consultant that reflects verifiable success achieving profitable market growth and brand recognition objectives, cost-effective sales & marketing strategies and initiatives that produce dynamic business results.

Now, over to the interview!

Ciler Ay, CEO of Smart Moderation

What is Your Company’s Background?

We at Smart Moderation stand for a clean, safer online experience in which everyone is free from abusive language and harmful content. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable being themselves and expressing their opinions online, without fearing trolling, profanity, offensive content or other abuse.

We believe in the powers of technology and that the consciousness-raising potential of the internet can be unleashed through open, honest and respectful dialogue. Because we realize the challenges of sustaining respectful conversation for everyone on online platforms, we offer clients the ability to self-moderate according to their individual needs.

The hours in a day may be limited, but we believe artificial intelligence can make human lives easier, allowing us to accomplish more in less time. Our goal is not to enable human effort to approach their work faster and with renewed energy.

Finally, we ardently support freedom of speech. Communities shouldn’t feel compelled to silence or censor themselves to avoid abuse. We see it as imperative to help individuals enforce community guidelines in order to foster open, respectful discussion.

In our effort to make life easier for brands managing their online reputations, we designed Smart Moderation to integrate into a variety of platforms and networks. This demonstrates our commitment to making the internet as a whole a safer place.

What Problem Does Smart Moderation Solve?

Brands want to avoid negative sentiments, undesirable situations and any risks that may damage the prestige they build, cumulatively over years of effort. They want to protect their brands from unsolicited attacks that can come from so many corners of the online world.

What Does Smart Moderation do, and why is it Important to Your Customers?

Smart Moderation is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based comment moderating technology that detects and automatically removes spam, unwanted ads, personal information, profanity and abusive language across all digital platforms—including favorite social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube —within the minute they are posted and with a high accuracy rate.

Clients who manage multiple profiles or multiple brands can customize the software to meet their particular needs for each brand/profile, just as they would instruct a human moderator to work in a certain way.

What makes Smart Moderation unique is; It offers an unmatched service that automatically detects and removes inappropriate comments in real time, 24 hours a day, ensuring that nothing slides through the cracks by giving users the ability to manage all their user generated comments from a single dashboard.

With the help of Smart Moderation’s signature, patent pending AI technology is based on machine learning and natural language processing, so it understands text just like a human does, by reading it holistically and not just for specific keywords.


Another key differentiator is; users can easily train their AI themselves from their own dashboard. In addition, the technology learns from your past and ongoing activities, evolving in response to your preferences. Over time, users will acquire a customized automated moderation tool that thinks and acts in accordance with their own human moderation approach.


Smart Moderation’s main competition remains human moderation. In addition to the in-house human moderation teams employed by certain enterprises, Global social media moderation agencies market themselves as human moderation companies, but human involvement
means that their services will always remain relatively expensive.

Social networks provide keyword blocklist features to meet users’ basic needs
 by helping them, for instance, remove specific words from their profiles. However, these features do not necessarily guarantee accuracy.

Spammers always find means of bypassing filters. They tend to find ways to keep “their game going” even despite filters and blocklists. Once spammers have determined which words are commonly blocked, they will modify their messages to find ways around the defenses, whether by spelling certain words associated with spam in a slightly irregular manner or placing spaces or icons between letters. Usually, such modifications allow them to break through moderation blocklists.


How Does Smart Moderation use AI?

We based our patent pending AI architecture on machine learning and natural language processing that read the meaning and tone behind a message rather than relying on static keyword blacklists.

Our self-learning technology adapts and customizes itself to users’ past actions and preferences, profile by profile.

Smart Moderation’s inappropriate comment detection algorithms’ baseline is pre­trained using Facebook’s official community standards so that it can easily detect:


All users start with this baseline. In addition, with the help of machine learning, Smart Moderation automatically learns from users’ ongoing moderation actions and accordingly adapts the moderation approach for each individual user.

In Your Mind, What is the Future of AI in Business and Marketing?

Today, many leading companies hire for management-level positions having a marketing technological knowledge such as community manager, marketing technologies manager to strategize marketing activities based on past performance, analytics and emerging trends, all across a range of different platforms using technology.

Luckily for those big marketing teams, new technology is allowing brands to automate a number of tasks using artificial intelligence as bots are growing in popularity. Market predictions shows that the technology will revolutionize sales and customer service operations within the next five years.

In the future, with the help of a mix of big data analysis and machine learning, artificial intelligent technologies will be more creative and intelligent to help marketers not only automate the repetitive tasks but also taking important strategic decisions.

Do You Think Marketers Will be Replaced by AI Robots?

Some argue that AI will lead to the loss of jobs and the lack of a human element for marketing management. But today’s reality is that machine learning and bot technology allows human teams to focus their energy on providing the best, more positive experience possible for individual users, in a safe, moderated environment by replicating and automating repetitive functions.

Marketing needs creativity, is defined as seeing the world in different ways and connecting patterns to find solutions, AI is not only creative but potentially has a superior level of creative intelligence. And the question here is “Is AI really capable of becoming the driving force behind new ideas?”

Machines, as of today, can only learn by repetition and sequence. When they start learning by intuition, we can say that AI can replace marketers.

In this interview, Ciler Ay gave a very interesting view into how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used for automated moderation across channels.


I am an author, speaker and consultant in marketing automation and artificial intelligence.

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