Magnus Unemyr

Seminar in Göteborg & Linköping: Marketing Automation and Content Marketing

Welcome to a breakfast seminar on marketing automation and content marketing! We will talk about the latest in marketing automation and content marketing. This event is for you if you want to take your marketing to the next level.

Linköping 24th of September – register here

Göteborg 24th of October – register here

Event details

The breakfast seminar is about how you can create a piece of marketing machinery that performs its job – to create business opportunities. We will provide actionable advice on how to succeed with marketing automation and create engagement with content marketing.

Tomas Tränkner will talk about how you can succeed with content marketing. He gives advice on how you can create effective, relevant and engaging content with blogging, videos and podcasts.

Magnus Unemyr talks about how technology can help improve your marketing. He will give actionable advice on how to succeed with marketing automation.

Price: 150 SEK – paid upon registration.

Breakfast is included in the registration fee. All attendees will get Magnus Unemyr’s latest book ”Data-driven marketing with artificial intelligence” as well as Tomas Tränkner’s book ”32 recept på marknadsföring” (both as PDF).


About Tomas Tränkner

Tomas is a content marketing expert and LinkedIn nerd who creates content with podcasting, videos and blogs. He has interviewed hundreds of people in podcasts, and writes articles on marketing.

”I have seen what unique possibilities every person has – to shine using their own personalities – and what positive effect that has on marketing”


About Magnus Unemyr

Magnus is the author of five books and has a background form the software industry. He help business to use the latest technologies in markering automation and AI to improve the customer experience and increase sales. Magnus has worked in international marketing during more than 20 years.

”I have myself seen how automated marketing and artificial intelligence kan strengthen brands, and dramatically improve lead nurturing to scale the business”.

All seminar attendees will get a PDF-version of Magnus Unemyr’s latest book Data-driven marketing with artificial intelligence, as well as getting Tomas Tränkner’s book 30 recept på marknadföring in a PDF-version.


Magnus Unemyr

Author, speaker and consultant in the aras of marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet-Of-Things. Contact me if you need help! Learn more.