Business Anomaly Detection

With the vast amounts of data being produced in businesses today, there is no way for humans to sift through all of it to stay ahead. Relying on manual monitoring means important insights are missed often.

It would be nice to have a tool that monitors all of your business data and notifies you automatically when unexpected changes happen in customer behavior, demographics, and conversions. 

A tool addressing this problem is, which takes a new approach to business intelligence. Instead of creating new dashboards and running queries when questions arise, Outlier solves this problem by sending an email each morning with the top few anomalies going on in the business.

The ideal use of AI: moving from drowning in historical data to being served with the right insights automatically.

By tailoring insights to each individual staff member, it is like giving everyone at your company a dedicated business analyst who is constantly looking for hidden problems and opportunities.

Sean Byrnes is the CEO and founder of He shares an interesting insight from his former career, which led him to start the new company:

“I met with hundreds of companies to discuss how they use data to make decisions. The most common question they would ask me is ‘What should I look for in all of this data I have?’ I realized that the last ten years of business intelligence innovation had centered on answering questions we already had, while the next ten years would focus on helping us ask better questions.”

This captures the ideal use of AI: moving from drowning in historical data to being served with the right insights automatically.

To offer this capability, Outlier and similar emerging platforms use different machine-learning algorithms that turn raw data into human-readable insights, understand what is normal, detect anomalous events, and filter through the clusters of events to select the few that best match the interests of each user.

Expect most business intelligence tools to be AI-powered in the future.

Magnus Unemyr

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