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Identify and manage customers with a consumer intelligence platform

Many companies struggle with managing consumer data in an effective way. In fact, they may need to integrate a consumer intelligence platform with their business systems, to find and validate consumer data in real time.

In this blog post, I interview Josefine Malmquist, Group Product Manager for Consumer Intelligence solutions at Bisnode. Read this blog post to learn more about consumer intelligence platforms!

What is your history with Bisnode?

I have been working with B2C marketing business for about 10 years. During that time I have been working with hands on campaign management, IT project management and business development.

What is Bisnode’s Background?

At Bisnode, 2100 experts work daily to interpret, refine and understand the data that forms the basis of our clients’ business decisions. Bisnode helps make day-to-day life easier by delivering thousands of decision-making documents such as analytics and scoring models to predict customer behavior to companies, government agencies, municipalities and organizations.

What Problem Does Bisnode Consumer Intelligence Solve?

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence helps B2C Companies identify their customers in all touchpoints either during its onboarding of a new customer or the handling of their existing database. When using Bisnode Consumer Intelligence our unique ID will also give B2C Companies the opportunity to monitor any changes in the database.

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What Does Bisnode Consumer Intelligence do, and why is it Important to Your Customers?

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence is a set of modern Rest API:s:

Onboarding – Integrated into Companies business systems enables customers to find and validate consumer data in real time. 

Use our feature Search, Verify and Download to validate the data submitted by a new customer (i.e. an online store) and retrieve a unique ID for the customer. With simple searches and auto-completes we simplify the registration process for the customer, which leads to an improved customer experience in, for example, online purchasing.

Unique ID – A key concept in Bisnode Consumer Intelligence is the Generic Entity Data Identifier (GEDI). It is designed to be a unique, persistent identifier of entities within Bisnode. A quite common scenario we see today among B2C Companies, having data about customers spread out in different systems (e.g. Store, CRM system, Delivery, etc) making it almost impossible to have a complete customer view. This is where Bisnode Consumer Intelligence´s unique ID really can help companies without having to invest into expensive MDM solutions.

Can You Give a Few Examples of How Bisnode Consumer Intelligence is of Benefit?

  • One of the largest consumer databases in Europe, with more than 170M+ individuals.
  • Unique personal ID:s create a single customer view across all systems and platforms.
  • Available in 10 countries – with more to come.
  • BCI is GDPR compliant – it will help you to be as well.

How are Integrations and API’s Leveraged in Bisnode Consumer Intelligence?

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence is a set of modern Rest API:s. Find out how it´s intergrated at www.developer.bisnode.com

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How does GDPR and ePR Affect the Use of Bisnode Consumer Intelligence?

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence helps you with the handling of personal data according to GDPR.

  • Personal data may be requested by customers
    • The unique BISNODE ID can be implemented in all business systems to enable linking all data about a customer
  • Personal data about customers must be able to be deleted quickly and efficiently “right to be forgotten”
    • The unique BISNODE ID can be implemented in all business systems to enable linking all data about a customer
  • Companies must be able to show that the personal data is updated and correct
    • Bisnode Consumer Intelligence offers updated and correct personal data in real-time 

In Your Mind, What is the Future of Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology?

Digital automation and AI are here to stay and will be an important part of the society’s future development – probably faster than we think ourselves.

– Sure, AI is still in its infancy in many areas, but I think we will see a rapid development in just a few years’ time. If you look specifically at marketing, it will benefit both companies and consumers. AI and automation will free up time for us to perhaps work more creatively while consumers will not be troubled by irrelevant marketing.

In this interview, Josefine Malmquist explained how Bisnode’s Consumer Intelligence Platform can be used to improve marketing campaigns. I think that we can conclude that data is the new currency! Are you interested in marketing automation or AI in your business? Contact me!

Magnus Unemyr

Author, speaker and consultant in the aras of marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet-Of-Things. Contact me if you need help! Learn more.