Audience Management With AI

With audience AI and hyper-dynamic targeting, machine learning can be used to help build targeted audiences automatically. This is done by using data from a variety of sources and making predictions about the characteristics of ideal buyers.

In a few seconds, you can get well-targeted, quality audiences, with a high likelihood of more conversions and sales. Audience AI learns how to find the best customers across various channels, such as social media. As more data becomes available, the targeting becomes increasingly precise.

These tools can uncover the motivations and desires of target audiences, sometimes finding passion points with interest analysis, core values, and personality traits with personality analysis, and using visual imagery analysis to work out what pictures or creative elements engage the target audience the most.

Some products performing these types of tricks are the well-known behemothslike Salesforce and Adobe, but also specialized companies like Codec, Leadspace, Toneden, and Trapica.

Of course, we can’t forget the ads platform on Facebook and other social media sites. AI can be useful in audience management, particularly for companies with large customer volumes, as often is the case in the B2C space.

Magnus Unemyr

Author, speaker and consultant in the aras of marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet-Of-Things. Contact me if you need help! Learn more.