Send one-to-one personalized curated content at scale with AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in content marketing; for example to scan the Internet for suitable content to curate automatically. It is now possible to auto-generate marketing emails at scale, where each recipient gets their own uniquely personalized curated content based on their individual interests.

In this blog post, I interview Justin Wisz, who is CEO of Vestorly, an AI enabled content marketing platform that can do exactly this.

Justin began his career at Fisher Investments in sales and marketing operations. From there, he used his knowledge of marketing in wealth management to launch a content marketing agency for financial services. He saw that much of the industry was still using outdated processes and wasn’t taking advantage of the latest in technology and communication trends.

To make it simpler for professional in the financial services industry to keep up with the trends, he co-founded Vestorly. Vestorly is now used by thousands of professionals in every industry to deepen personalized engagement and build lasting relationships with their clients.

Now, over to the interview!

Justin Wisz, CEO of Vestorly

What is Your Company’s Background?

Vestorly was founded in 2012 to help businesses overcome their struggles with superficial, complex and costly marketing solutions. With backgrounds in financial services, digital media and computer science, the founders initially developed the product for professionals in financial services.

Vestorly was designed to make personalized content marketing easy for the non-marketers running financial services practices. As we developed and refined the product around an AI-content curation tool with automated distribution by email, social media, and websites, we found the market for Vestorly was not limited to financial services only.

Today, we count hundreds of users across industries like finance, insurance, health, wellness, real estate, and more. Our mission is to usher in the next generation of data-powered content engagement while allowing customers to maintain the personal, human side of their business.

What Problem Does Vestorly Solve?

Vestorly does the work of hundreds of marketing professionals in seconds. AI curation solves the uncertainty that marketers experience when creating or curating content for their contacts, the inability to personalize the content experience for every reader, and the lack of time required to address these problems manually.

What Does Vestorly do, and why is it Important to Your Customers?

Vestorly is an AI that curates content and sends it in personalized emails on behalf of marketers. It sends and measures one-to-one personalized emails featuring AI-curated news, blogs or original content.

At Vestorly’s core is an AI-powered content search engine which crawls and indexes the Web in real time. Vestorly aggregates and organizes stories, articles, videos, and news. When a new user imports his contact list, Vestorly recommends the stories most likely to engage each reader. The recommendations are based off of each contact’s digital footprint (pulled from public social accounts and online activity) and are refined as they click and read news from Vestorly over time.


Recommended stories are displayed in visually-appealing email newsletter templates. Users can add company branding and introductory text and choose a recurring email schedule. Vestorly will update the template every week with new AI-curated stories for every reader and send the email automatically. The curated stories can also be published automatically as social media posts and can be streamed on websites.

Vestorly is the only intelligent email builder to create personalized reading experience for every unique contact. This enables users to scale authentic engagement (with an average 300% lift in email engagement rates) while reducing marketing tasks, leading to stronger client relationships, increased referrals, and lead generation.

How Does Vestorly use AI?

Data Science

Vestorly’s users share stories with millions of readers, generating billions of data points about what marketers are sharing and audiences are reading. Vestorly uses this data to find broad patterns of what resonates across large audiences, smaller demographics, and individuals’ reader lists.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Using the vast amounts of data collected by user activity, Vestorly’s AI recommends the stories most likely to engage each individual reader. Vestorly learns more about each users’ audiences and each specific reader to continually optimize suggested content.

Automated Processes

Vestorly uses automated processes to simplify many marketing tasks others have accepted as inevitable. After importing a reader list and setting preferences, Vestorly maintains an email marketing strategy automatically, using performance history and machine learning to optimize.


In Your Mind, What is the Future of AI in Business and Marketing?

AI will be used to make all activities across businesses more efficient and effective. In marketing specifically, we believe this impact will be seen in three main ways.

First, AI will enable every interaction a consumer has with a piece of marketing to be personalized. Marketing depends on placing the right content at the right time in the right place, and in the past, marketers have had to make broad strokes. In the future, every specific consumer will see touchpoints customized just to them by AI.

Second, AI will remove all manual tasks from workflows. Machine learning will automate most tasks and perform them more efficiently.

Finally, AI will uncover more data points throughout all marketing creative, operations, and results, and will interpret the data to draw more useful and actionable analysis.

Do You Think Marketers Will be Replaced by AI Robots?

 AI will change the nature of work for marketers. Marketing roles will be less about performing repetitive and costly tasks or guessing about fitting content or potentially effective targets. Instead, marketers will combine their human ability to empathize with AI to focus data-driven hyper implementation marked by real-timer iteration. They will focus on driving and overseeing an empathetic and data-enabled strategy on a multiple micro levels which dynamically rebalance in real-time. Marketers will glean macro data from these trends to determine the next stage of engaging consumers on their preferred terms.

In this interview, Justin Wisz provided fascinating insights into how artificial intelligence can be used to personalize curated content at scale automatically. No doubt, the marketing landscape, and in particular content marketing, will be transformed in the coming year or two!


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